The last year has witnessed the rise of the buy button. Social media sites and search engines have attempted to hold on to traffic and increase ad revenue by allowing consumers to buy products directly from ads. Read more

By Christine Kern

Research shows online spending will hit $89 billion for this holiday season, or 14% of all retail spending. According to Forrester Research, holiday online spending will reach $89 billion in November and December, a full 14 percent of overall retail purchases.  This represents a 13 percent growth over holiday season 2013, and a 30 percent share of total eCommerce spend in 2014. It does also represent ”a deceleration in growth due to a shorter holiday selling season and capacity constraints in the package delivery network.” For the last three years, the web sales growth rate had stayed constant at 15 percent, following a growth of 16 percent in 2010. The projected growth is credited to an influx of new online shoppers and the increase in shopping via mobile devices. Read more