Frequently Asked Questions


The demand on electronic distribution channels is growing day by day both on global and local markets. The demand is goosed by maximum development of Internet as the main distribution channel of advanced payment systems and tools and safe integration in distant payment projects.

B2C (Business-to-Customer) is a part of e-commerce that directly promotes aggressive invasion in the day-to-day environment and popularization of this field by consumer. These are the factors attract growing interest in e-commerce.

  • Financial effect
    you do not need to lease/buy a trading outlet
    you do not need to arrange communications and bear expenses associated therewith
    you do not need to employ personnel for sales and  pay salaries and bonuses to them
    cash processing, saving collection-related expenses
  • broad geographic coverage: the Internet covers larger areas than a physical shop or/and a store chain
  • ability to present own products and services more prominently
  • online advertising on social and other web-sites and direct linking to online stores
  • diverse facilities of making visual and emotional effect  on a customer

  • You can sit at home and buy anything you want.
  • It’s a global shopping facility, so you do not want to go actually abroad for this reason.
  • You purchase safely and you are secure from receiving bad products
  • Convenience of ordering/booking/purchasing services distantly
  • Ability to get involved in promo and bonus programs and receiving extra benefits
  • Ability of easy comparing of prices in different stores
  • Chance of getting a low price
  • Ability to send a gift to a friend at any place worldwide

  • We’ll guarantee timely receipt of value of the sold product  during fair deal
  • We protect interests of our merchants to the maximum extent