Money plus risk management

3uwife44Money plus system provides various tools for risk management. It’s necessary for early detection of potential fraud (CHB, fraud to sale), invalid transactions, supervision of sponsored merchant information and content updates on their websites.

Fraud detection tools

Transaction limitations.

  • Maximum ticket size.
  • Daily volume limit.
  • Monthly volume limit.
  • BIN code blocking.(black list)
  • Card number blocking.(black list)
  • IP blocking.
  • Real time monitoring of transactions (filtered per card, response code and merchant).

Monitoring actions

Daily monitoring

  • Unusually high transaction ticket size which could indicate fraud
  • Multiple transactions made on the same day
  • Transaction initiated from an anonymous account
  • Percentage of declines over total approval
  • Reviews charge back and fraud transaction on a daily basis per merchant.
  • Review reports from additional software tools

Monthly monitoring

  • Coordinates with merchant on action plans to ensure compliance to chargeback threshold.
  • Implements chargeback escalation grid and coordinates with merchant.
  • Established policies and procedures to mitigate chargeback and fraud by limiting daily, weekly & monthly the volume for each merchant amount per transactions\ cardholder.
  • Monthly review of all merchant web sites to detect possible illegal trns and content.