Merchants service


Payment solutions

  • Money plus processing and back office monitoring system was developed to be reliable and friendly for the users. These two parameters are the most essential for the business operating in  E-COMMERCE.
  •  Money plus systems multi optional services provide customers with a wide range of payment solutions using the latest technology.

Technical channel

  • VISA and MasterCard processing  hardware
  • High conductivity – 999 transactions per sec
  • Guaranteed high-frequency main and auxiliary  communication channels


  • Supporting proper organization of Internet sales by merchants
  • Professional mediation among a merchant and a bank/banks.

Risk Management

  • Maximum protection from fraudulent transactions
  • Special control over certain type of operations and management thereof in terms of business specification
  • Absolute ability of adapting the particular merchants to the particular requirements
  • transaction limitation: maximum volume of transaction; daily volume limits; monthly volume limits; BIN blocking; Card number blocking; IP blocking; Real time monitoring of transaction.
  • Chargeback monitoring
  • Fraud monitoring

Financial Services

  • Specific service tariffs
  • Unified report applications with simple and easily-to-operate interface
  • Strong adherence to preliminarily agreed financial flows schedule

Web Service

  • Assistance in organization of web-site payment portal
  • Favorable administration of update of new products and services of payment portal

24/24 Service

  • Permanent contact with clients for prompt problem and needs solving. – we’ll receive rapid messages and ensure immediate response thereto round-the-clock.