Money plus systems

Money plus system
Money Plus systems payment page integrated into system of merchant  enables to process transactions simply and effortlessly.
Money plus payment page and can be customized according to the merchant’s look and feel.
Utilizing the hosted payment page eases the transaction process by allowing merchants to transfer only the parameters that are necessary for the transaction, such as amount, currency and amount of payments.

Money plus Recurring Billing
Money plus system offers its customers the possibility of recurring billing transactions , for business models that require payments, memberships , subscriptions or other periodic payments

Money plus Virtual Terminal
Terminal for transactions made manually by the merchant.

Money plus Mobile payments
Mobile payment processing solution provides the option to process transactions trough  a smart phones.
Money plus systems allows mobile payments via on line processing or via card reader and applications added to the handset of the smart phone.

Multiply currencies
The money plus system allows merchants accept payments in most currencies.